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I will make you laugh!

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Washington, United States

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Age: 43


Seeking: female


Intentions: Friendship


Personality: Intuitive

I'm fun-loving, humorous, and energetic. I think I have more energy and life in me than the average person. I like sports and try to work out 4-5 times per week. I also love snowboarding, snorkeling, and tennis. In my past life, I was a karaoke lounge lizard and I play guitar to serenade girls.

I have been my own boss for the past 10 years, with a business that changes lives! Prior to that I was a PR Director at profitable internet car shopping website. I've started my career as the first Chinese American on-air TV reporter for network affiliates in various markets.

I have a master's degree from Harvard and graduated from UCLA for my undergrad.

Making people laugh, being the life of the party, and making people feel happy.

My friends say I'm a good listener, have a "big heart", am patient and exceptionally loyal. They trust me as a source of advice whether it's career, life, or relationship issues.

The girls I've dated in the past like it when I serenade and play songs on the guitar.

I've been an avid snowboarder for 11 seasons and have been to most of the major resorts in California and Utah.

I can get jiggy on the dance floor when it's hip hop, salsa, waltz, swing, or whatever!
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